Favorite Bellinis

One of my favorite painters is Giovanni Bellini. (Side note: the “Bellini” is also my favorite cocktail. The delicious mix originated in Venice. It is made with Prosecco and peach nectar, and tastes as vibrant as a sky looks in any one of Bellini’s paintings.) Today, I would like to focus on that great painting from the Frick collection: St. Francis in the Desert. Next time you are in New York, put the Frick on your list of must-see attractions for this painting alone. It will not disappoint.

What’s intriguing about this painting? There are many things. The sense of solitude in nature combined with a desk and a book at the ready is infinitely appealing. The painting is rife with symbolism and so is quite poetic. Continue reading “Favorite Bellinis”

Pizza With the Pope

So it turns out Pope Francis hasn’t watched TV since 1990. In his words, “it’s not for me.” In 1990, he made a promise to the Blessed Mother not to watch again. But in an aside, he also reveals that he misses going out to get pizza.

Anyone who enjoys a blog centered around poetry, music and the arts must be able to understand the Pope’s decision, even if he or she still enjoys a good show on TV. After all, in our contemporary society, we have so many shortcuts to seemingly grant us more time (dishwashers, automobiles, computers) that earlier generations did not enjoy, and yet studies show that we are more anxious and stress-filled than any generation before. Continue reading “Pizza With the Pope”

Celebrating Pentecost Sunday

In Pope Francis’s homily for Pentecost Sunday, he called for more men and women to be filled with the Holy Spirit. One way to invite a “soul on fire,” as today’s song calls for: inspire your spirit through great art. Aim to have a faith (and an approach to life) that is not lukewarm, but filled with fiery zeal. That kind of passion can be invited through greater awareness of wonder and awe, in other words, through contact with the genuinely beautiful. Continue reading “Celebrating Pentecost Sunday”

Retreat with Mary

May 15-17, 2015: Retreat with Mary
I led an overnight retreat for the Diocese of Rockville Center this past weekend, and the theme was “Of Roses and Thorns: A Retreat with Mary.”

It was a wonderful experience, and the retreatants were amazing people. I share with you a sample of the art, poetry and music from that retreat.

Happy Mother’s Day!

To celebrate the day that honors the many loving sacrifices of motherhood, here’s some music, poetry, and art on that subject to sustain your soul’s sense of the beautiful. Here’s to all among us who attain literal and spiritual motherhood with love and strength.

Lilies of the Valley

It is May, my favorite month (My other favorite is October. Interestingly, both months are dedicated to Mary.) May is the month of lilies of the valley, one of my three favorite flowers. The only thing about lilies of the valley in my yard is that they can be overlooked in an often busy month. Before you know it, they are gone, which is a reminder to slow down our pace a bit and take in the beauties this month has to offer. Here is a bouquet—to celebrate to really notice the small details nature offers in brief, perfect bursts, “to see their light upon the spring”. Continue reading “Lilies of the Valley”