Happy Mother’s Day!

To celebrate the day that honors the many loving sacrifices of motherhood, here’s some music, poetry, and art on that subject to sustain your soul’s sense of the beautiful. Here’s to all among us who attain literal and spiritual motherhood with love and strength.

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Paul Simon - Mother and Child Reunion + lyrics

Nach dem Bad (After the Bath) - Mary Cassatt
Nach dem Bad (After the Bath) – Mary Cassatt


Three months before your time, my child, you moved
head down into position, ripe for birth.
The world outside was unseen and unproved—
but still you leaped as though you sensed its worth
and wanted it. And though your world was dark,
removed from any touch except my hand
passing above your solitary ark—
you ate from my own blood; your cosmos spanned
my womb. Responding to my voice, you danced.
So someday when you’re grown and faced with doubt
because of grief or age, by fear enhanced—
remember how you once moved towards an out
you could not see. Wait—new life will begin.
Feel God’s warm hand above earth’s starry skin.

—Annabelle Moseley