Lilies of the Valley

It is May, my favorite month (My other favorite is October. Interestingly, both months are dedicated to Mary.) May is the month of lilies of the valley, one of my three favorite flowers. The only thing about lilies of the valley in my yard is that they can be overlooked in an often busy month. Before you know it, they are gone, which is a reminder to slow down our pace a bit and take in the beauties this month has to offer. Here is a bouquet—to celebrate to really notice the small details nature offers in brief, perfect bursts, “to see their light upon the spring”.

One thought on “Lilies of the Valley

  1. My favorite flower of all time!!! Love many flowers, but there is nothing like Lily of the Valley!

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Lilies of the valley


Sorry To Have Missed You

Summer should not come, it seemed
until the lilies came
some early morning
to spread like a perfumed mass
across the thirsty lawn.

They were white and tiny globes—
dangling from a gypsy’s lobe,
hanging from a healthy stalk
in the garden behind the house.

This season when May came
we found our schedules hectic, numb.

Then we caught the sight
of lilies dying,
falling from the world
that didn’t care
to see their light upon the spring
and to their frail green bodies bring
our own small hearts that longed to sing.

—Annabelle Moseley