The Sacred Heart

June is the month of the Sacred Heart. Here is some carefully curated art, poetry and music on the subject, including my favorite painting of the Sacred Heart: a true master work by Jose Maria Ibarran y Ponce. The brief poem by the great priest-poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins speaks beautifully of the relationship between the Master’s heart and the Servant’s heart in only six lines. Finally, the compelling song by Chris Tomlin, “Your Heart” addresses the life of David, a man “after God’s heart.” May our life’s work be making our own hearts more like God’s.

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Chris Tomlin: "Your Heart (DAVID)" - Official Lyric Video

Sacred Heart / Jose Maria Ibarraran y Ponce

To Him Who Ever Thought with Love of Me

To him who ever thought with love of me
Or ever did for my sake some good deed
I will appear, looking such charity
And kind compassion, at his life’s last need
That he will out of hand and heartily
Repent he sinned and all his sins be freed.

—Gerard Manley Hopkins