Privacy Policy

Desert Bread is a site dedicated to sharing media with the goal of providing links to captivating art, music and poetry based around a theme of faith. Desert Bread does not collect personally-identifying information about our visitors during the course of a normal visit, that is to say, browsing the site and reading content. Statistical data about the number of visitors and which pages they visit is collected, but is not used to identify a visitor or track a visitor outside of their interactions with the Desert Bread web site.

Exceptions include visitor interactions with the Desert Bread web that require identifying information, such as posting a comment via the Desert Bread web site or performing certain Facebook actions (such as using the “Like” button or posting a Facebook comment via the Desert Bread Facebook App.) In these cases, the name provided by the visitor (or by Facebook) will be stored along with the comment or action, and in the case of Facebook comments, may also be visible to other Facebook users according to your preferences.

Any data collected by such interactions with Desert Bread that is not displayed on the site, will be kept private and not distributed or shared with any third party.